Sanding Pads for Flex Drum Sander

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Regular Grits 80 - 120 - 180 - 220  $5.95ea   Select Above
These pads may be a tight fit onto the shaft. I recommend putting a little Ivory Dish soap either on the arbor or add a few drops inside the hole. If you push too hard it could cause the foam to twist causing the pad to bounce. If your sleeve bounces too much take it off the arbor and roll it like a rolling pin to relax the foam. Then slide it on the arbor in a different position, don't follow the same groove.

Sanding pads for the Flex Drum Sander are 2 3/4" x 7" available in 80, 120, 180, and 220 grits.

I sand the wood down to various thicknesses with the 80 grit pads. I go through more of the 80's than the other grits. For example, I would order; four 80 grit, two 120 grit, one 180 grit, and one 220 grit.
To improve the life of the pad try the following tips:
• Keep moving the wood you are sanding across the entire surface of the pad. Keeping the wood in one area and pressing hard can cause the foam to shrink.
• If the sleeve becomes loose from the pad you can use a little glue to hold the sleeve.

Flex Drum Sander

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