Foredom - Kirges Inflatable Sanders

Kirges Sanders are Soft Inflatable Sanders, the air is pumped in through the stem. They work great on the Foredom Variable Speed Bench Lathe. 
K-120 - 3/4" x 1" (20 x 25mm)  Shaft 1/4" (6mm) $30.95
K-1301+" x 3+" (28 x 80mm)  Shaft 15/16" (8mm) $44.95 KS-130 Does not fit on the Foredom Lathe.
K-140 - 
3/4 -" x 1 3/4" (42 x 44mm)  Shaft 1/4" (6mm) $32.95

Hand Pump $11.25  We strongly suggest getting the hand pump. The sanders are very small, they do not need much air.
Need sleeves for the Sander, click here.
Check out the FAQ for more information about using the sanders.

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