Intarsia Detail Sanders

Collections: Hardware

Invented by an Intarsia enthusiast in Florida, just for Intarsia projects.
Flat Sander $12.95 You will find the padded flexible flat sander is hard to replace and use it every step of the way on your Intarsia projects. The extra padding makes it great for contour sanding.
Bow Sander $12.00 The bow sander works great for those "hard to get to" areas. Both sanders do not require special sandpaper. You can use your favorite grit cloth backed sanding sheets, cut into strips. Click to see how to assemble your bow sander
Sander Set $22.95 Get both sanders in a set.

For your convienence we have 1" wide,
30 foot long rolls of 150 or 180 grit paper.
Click for additional Sand Paper Rolls

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