Flex Drum Sander

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This soft drum sander will help you attain the soft contours on your Intarsia projects. This specially designed unit clamps to your 1725 (or 2000) R.PM motor. Designed to fit 5/8" shaft it also comes with a reducer bushing to fit 1/2" motor shafts. The Flex Drum Sander is approximately 2 3/4" in diameter x 7" in length. Just slide the pad onto the arbor and the ribs on the arbor keep it in place. You can sand past the
ends without the fear of marking the work piece. Having the soft sides on the sander makes it great for sanding dips, folds, and grooves on your projects.

DS-1 Flex Sander, comes complete with 80 and 120 grit sleeves with pad. The pads are available in the following grits; 80, 120, 180, and 220. Use the Adapter Shaft if mounting to a drill press.
To improve the life of the pad try the following tips:
Keep moving the wood you are sanding across the entire surface of the pad.  Keeping the wood in one area and pressing hard can cause the foam to shrink.
 The pad may be a tight fit onto the shaft, if you have a problem LIGHTLY coat the inside of the pad on the end with liquid soap.
 If the sleeve becomes loose you can use a little glue to hold the sleeve. Click this link more information on setting up your Flex Drum Sander. Scroll down mid way.  Use a Abrasive Cleaning Stick often to clean the pad.

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