Mini Wheel $11.00 • Mandrel $6.50

Mini Wheel
 2" Diameter Unitized Wheel 1/4" thick with a 3/8" arbor hole. Made of non-woven fiber coated in aluminum oxide. Recommended for use with Foredom's Bench Lathe with Collet Holder CHA-5. 

I have been experimenting with different small wheels to add even finer texture to Intarsia pieces. These mini wheels are very similar to the Wonder Wheel. I used this wheel on Albert Einstein's fine facial wrinkles. 
The smaller size made it easier to see what I was doing. I was able to add much finer lines.
The Mini Wheel does not replace the Wonder Wheel for texturing large areas. It does wear down more quickly than the larger Wonder Wheel. I used a wheel dresser to sharpen the wheel to a "V".

Mandrel  The screw type mandrel is for mounting the  2" Mini Wheel or any other accessories with a 3/8" arbor hole. Recommended for use on Foredom's Bench Lathe with Collet Holder CHA-5. 2" overall length. 25,000 RPM Max Speed.

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