Old Masters Finish

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Sorry, we cannot ship the gel to Canada or other Countries. We can only ship Old Masters to destinations inside the contiguous United States.

Satin Polyurethane Gel $18.95
  Produces a soft, clear satin finish on wood. The thick formula enables multiple hand-applied coats without drips, brush marks or strong odors. We use three coats of this gel on our projects which produces a very nice finish.

Artist Oil Paint Set

I wanted to mention that you can make your own pickling white by adding a little white artist oil paint to the clear gel. I use a baby food jar and gradually add the white then test it on some scrap wood. Remember it is oil paint, the more you add the longer it will take to dry because of the extra oil. You can mix other colors as well, years ago I bought a set like the photo, you can mix different colors with the clear gel. I apply one coat with color and two coats of clear, two many coats of color will cover the natural wood grains.

Intarsia Whiting $17.95
(Pickling White) is another gel finish we use when trying to keep white wood white. This whiting is the same basic formula as the regular clear, with a white pigment added. When you want to keep it white, just use this whiting for the first coat, then two coats of the clear.  

For more information about using the gel click on this link.

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