Wonder Wheel or Bushing

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The Wonder wheel works best on a bench grinder that goes at least 3450 rpm

The Wonder Wheel can be used to add texture to all Intarsia projects. This is a great tool that will make your Intarsia projects stand out. The wheel can be used to burnish and darken dowels used for eyes on Intarsia projects. How to sharpen the Wonder Wheel        Using the Wonder Wheel

Using the Wonder Wheel

Telescope Reducer Bushing
These reduce to 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4". 
$3.00 Select the bushing above. The wonder wheel is 6" in diameter x 1/2" wide with a 1" mounting hole. You will need a reducer bushing to reduce the 1" down to the size needed to mount it on a bench grinder.  Max R.P.M. is 4,500. 

The wheel arrives with a flat 1/2" edge. Use a Wheel Dresser or some very coarse (like 36 grit)sandpaper stapled to a flat piece of wood to sharpen the wheel (do not use a file, I ruined a very good file).

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