Wildlife Intarsia Book by Judy Gale Roberts

Wildlife Intarsia Book Very Comprehensive NEW 2nd Edition 

DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF INTARSIA—the art of making beautiful three-dimensional picture mosaics that combine the natural colors and textures of wood. Intarsia legends Judy Gale Roberts and Jerry Booher provide all the inspiration and information you need to cut, shape, and piece stunning wildlife portraits.
The authors explain how to choose wood—by judging its size, thickness, color, and grain—and provide expert instruction in shaping and sanding techniques.

Wildlife Intarsia, Second Edition provides five complete step-by-step projects for creating dramatic raised images of a Bald Eagle, a Wild Mustang, a Bull Moose, an Elephant, and a Polar Bear. Eleven additional patterns feature a cross-section of North America’s most popular wild animals.

“Makes learning and applying these skills easy and fun . . . With this book and a little practice, you can create wooden art that will astonish your friends and family.”—TOM HINTZ, NewWoodworker.com

“Regardless of your skill level, you’ll learn the secrets of creating these fascinating wooden inlay projects.”—CHIP CHATS

All of the patterns from the book are available for purchase. Get the Baby Elephant, Black Bear Cub, Wolf and Lion Cub for $9.95 each, all other Wildlife Portrait Patterns, for only $5.95 each.

Elephant Intarsia
Wolf Intarsia Lion Cub Intarsia JGR Bear Cub Intarsia JGR

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