I-378 Humming Bird

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Beginner/Intermediate Level      8″ x 10″ 40 pieces. 
Ruby throated hummingbird with trumpet flowers. This is an updated pattern that was originally printed in “Artistry in Wood” book. I enlarged the pattern and added a different flower. The piece matches the songbird patterns. Wonder Wheel was used for adding texture. Woods Used:  Spanish Cedar for the Flowers, Green Poplar, Red heart, Basswood for Hummingbird, Walnut, 1/4" Willow for the background fretwork section. Dowel for the eye. Suggested Blades:  Gold #5 for Western Red Cedar or any softwood. Platinum Plus #5,  Platinum #5,  TLB #5  for the hardwoods.  PLP-2/0, or TLB #2/0 to cut the interior lines (after the exterior lines are cut). 
Intarsia pattern designed by Judy Roberts. See why our patterns are the best!


Side views of the Hummingbird

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