I-281 Flower Fest #4

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Beginner Intermediate Level    11 ½” x 7 ½”   Daffodil  18 piecesEaster Lily  44 pieces, Orchid 32 pieces.

The frame and the flowers are glued on top of the oak plywood backing. The parts that extend past the frame are inlaid, not laying on top of the frame.

Woods Used:
  Various shades of Western Red Cedar, Aspen for the White, Yellow Heart, 1/4" Oak Plywood for background. 
Suggested Blades:  Gold #5 for Western Red Cedar or any softwood. Platinum Plus #5,  Platinum #5,  TLB #5  for the hardwoods.  PLP-2/0, or TLB #2/0 to cut the interior lines (after the exterior lines are cut). 
Wonder Wheel  was used for adding texture to the daffodil and the leaves.
Intarsia pattern designed by Judy Roberts. See why our patterns are the best!



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