Assorted Sample Pack

If you are new to scrolling you may have questions about which blade will cut a wood species most efficiently and accurately. Having a handy guide and an assortment of blades to choose from may help.The assortment pack contains a dozen of each of the following: Based on our testing on various wood species, we have developed a list of blades that deliver very good results. 
This set includes a dozen of each: Pegas MG-3,Platinum-5, Platinum Plus-3, Titanium-3R, Gold-5, and TLB-5.

Roberts Intarsia Scroll Saw Blade Chart

Pegas Modified Geometry The small #2/0 works great for separating Intarsia sections cut within the same part. You lose less wood with the smaller blades. The kerf (thickness) of the blade indicates how much wood is removed by the scroll saw blade. We used the #3 for most of 3/4" thick wood we tested. 

Platinum blades are a quick-cutting skip tooth, reverse tooth blade for all types of wood. They have extremely sharp teeth and a strong back for best performance and long life. The skip tooth design allows a rapid discharge of sawdust so that no blue burn marks are left on the wood in tight radius cuts. 

Platinum Plus blades are premium, precision milled for outstanding performance and durability. These blades work well for medium to hard woods.

Titanium blades do not have reverse teeth. The Titanium Blades have more teeth per inch along with the positive cutting angle, which makes it a more aggressive cutting blade.  

Gold blades are a quick cutting skip tooth, reverse tooth blade for all types of wood, but works best with softer woods. 

Tough Little Blades are universal all-around blades for hard and soft woods.

Titanium Reverse Skip tooth blades are a quick-cutting saw blade, characterized by the positive cutting angle of their teeth. This results in an aggressive, no drifting of the cut and extremely long useful life due to special hardening in oil.  

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