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$795.00 Total Class Fee  - $595.00 Balance due two weeks prior to class.  
CT-22 Classroom in a tube available is for this project.

WillieYou must attend an Intermediate class before you can take the Advanced Class. 
In this class we will shake hands and come out doing Intarsia. 
This class will be focusing on more complex patterns and techniques involved to make more realistic projects.
The pattern will be sent to you at least a month in advance. When you come to class your project should be cut out, pattern removed from the parts, numbered on the back, and raising shims. This will give three days to work on shaping the project. We have been doing this the last few years and it is really interesting to see what types of wood the students choose. 
The project changes from year to year. I am having fewer classes, taking more time to explore new opportunities in the art field, custom pieces, seminars, and off site classes. I will continue to support and teach beginner students, along with the possibility of apprenticeship opportunities.

Advanced Class  fall 2018Spring 2018

REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY To be eligible for any returned money, you must notify us as soon as possible. There will be an automatic $50 cancellation fee for any canceled registration, regardless of the date of withdrawal. If you withdraw from a class more than 60 days in advance, the school will refund the deposit on the class, less the $50 cancellation fee (refund of $150.00). If you withdraw 30 to 59 days before the class, the school will refund only 50% of the deposit on the class, less the $50 cancellation fee (refund of $50.00). If you withdraw within 29 days of the class, there will be NO REFUND ON ALL PAID MONEY FOR ANY REASON. If you cancel a class and are eligible for a refund, the available refundable money can be applied to another class in the same year (less the $50 cancellation fee). You cannot transfer money to another class in the next year’s schedule. If for any reason Roberts Studio must cancel a class, all money will be refunded.

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