Customer Photo Gallery #2

       Duane M. (Watering Can)

Bill G. (Baby Elephant)

Bill G. (Noahs Ark)

Greg P. (Eagle Landing)

         Donald R. (Tomb of the                  Unknown Soldier)

Richard S. (Barn) 

Richard S. (Pattern he created from a picture/Sage Grouse)

Rick B. (Grizzly Walk)

                        Rick H.
   (Intermediate Class Bear    Cub)

Rick L. (Beginner Class Rose)

Robby N. (Pattern he created)

Robert C. (Eagle Landing)

               Robert D. (Frog)

Robert O. (Antique Plane)

Robert O. (Pattern he created using the Bobcat)

Roger H. (Sitting Bull)

        Roger H. (Hidden Forest)

Roger P. (Motorcycle Ride)

Roger P.
 (Pattern he created from a picture)

Roger P. (Pattern he created)

                      Roger P.
   (Pattern he created/Texas  Toad)

Roger W. (Amish Children)

Ron D. (Pattern he created)

Ron G. (George & Alice)

            Ron G. (Hay Barn)

Ron G.
 (Hummingbird, Wren & Chickadee)

Ron G. (Motorcycle Ride)

Ron J. (Sail Fish)

           Scott M. (Gray Wolf)

Scott M. (Reef Fish)

Sharon W. (Advanced Class Puffins)

Sharon W. (Poinsettia)

         Shirley M. (Roadrunner)

Student @ Hopatcong High School (St. Frances)

Stephen E. (Advanced Class Sun)

Steve E. (Pattern he created by quilt designer Toni Whiteny)

            Steve R. (Indian)

Steve R. (Indian/Cowboy)

Sylvia R. (Christmas Pup)

Sylvia R. (Tree Top Angels)

                    Sylvia R.
    (Intermediate Class Bear Cub)

Terry D. (Buffalo)

Terry D.
    (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)

Terry H. (Panda)

               Tim & Trudy K.
          (African Adventure)

Tim & Trudy K. (Tiger)

Tim & Trudy K. (Woodland Trail)

Tim M. (Beginner Class Rose)

                        Tim W.
    (Pattern he created Flamingos)

TJ B. (Eagle)

Tom C. (Sunflower)

Tom H.
   (Pattern created by Dan Eklund)

     Tom H. (Pattern he created)

Tom H. (Pattern he created)

Tom H. (Pattern he created)

Tom H. (Pattern he created)

     Tom H. (Pattern he created)

Tom H.
 (Pattern he created from a picture)

Tom H. (Pattern he created)

Tom H. (Pattern he created)

        Tom H. (Rose with Buds)

Tom H. (Pattern he created)

Tom H. (Crucifix)

Tom H. (Curious Coon)

            Tom J. (Snowmen)

Tom J. (Advanced Class Sun)

Tom L.
    (Advanced Class Sitting Bull)

Tracy L. (Advanced Class Sun)

         Vern M. (Gray Wolf)

Vickie M. (African Adventure)

Wendy W. (Frog)

Wendy W.
    (Intermediate Class Bear Cub)

 Bob D. (Advanced Class Einstein)

Bob C. (Tiger)

Glen P. (Wild Boar)

Larry H. (Great Blue Heron)

           Larry H. (Labrador)

Mike B. (Advanced Class Einstein)

Ron O. (Chickadee)

Ron O. (Pelican)

               Ron O. (Stork)

Jerry (Sailfish) 

Darren L.
       (Advanced Class Einstein) 

Tom H. (Tropical Fish)

  Tom H. (Home Sweet Home Pig)

Mike B. (Eagle Landing)

Tom H. (Smell the Flowers)

Tom K. (Cornucopia)

             JV E. (Little Roper)

JV E. (Canoeing)

Ron O. (Cross with Dove)

Bob P. (Schnauzer) 

         Diana C. (Watering Can)

Bob L. (United We Stand)

Bob L. (Cornucopia)

Otto D. (Poinsettia)

              Terry D. (Buffalo)

Roger H. (Beginning of Trail)
Tom K (pattern he created)

     Sue D. (Beginner Trigger Fish)

             Diana C. (Giraffe's)

Ron O. (Puppy in a Basket)

Glen P. (Cowboy)

          Barry C. (Walking Tiger)

 Eugene M. (Eagle, flag was added)

Robert P. (Customized Sleepy Cat) 

Terry D. (Light House)

(Macaw Paradise, Butterfly, Lion & Hummingbird)   

             K.P.M. (Bear Cub)

Walter G. (Beginner Trigger Fish)

Walter H.
(Tree Top Santa & Angel)

Tony G.
(Customized Ballerina & Tex Bear's)

   Jenifer E. (Beginner Trigger Fish)

David M. (Rose)

Chris P. (Buffalo)

       Richard M. (Canada Goose)

          Paul M. (Hidden Forest)

Duane M.
(Abe, Pattern he created)

Patrick R. (Chocolate Lab)

           Otto D. (Annie Oakley)

             Otto D. (Full Sail)

Otto D. (Clown in Window)

Chris D. (Pattern he designed)

                Pam C. (Pug Dog)

        Patrick R. (Border Collie)

Gail J. (Corner Coon) 

Mike C. (4th of July Bear) 

Vince L.
(Morning Sun & Crescent Moon) 

Vince L.
      (Saguaro Cactus & Oh Hoot)

Ellis R. (Tang Dynasty Horse)

Don W. (Life's Journey)

Thomas T. (Golfing Bear)
He customized this by using several different bears.

           Bill B. (Life's Journey)

John B. (Giraffe's

Mike A. (Cross with Dove)

            Art B. (Modified Bear)

              Tom K. (Elephant)

Ron H. (Great Blue Heron)

Tom K. (Eagle Landing)

Student @ Hopatcong High School
            (Oak Leaf Motif)

 Student @ Hopatcong High School
              (Morning Sun)

Student @ Hopatcong High School

Student @ Hopatcong High School
(Great Blue Heron)

Student @ Hopatcong High School

Student @ Hopatcong High School
             (Christmas Pup)

Pat H.          (Noah's Ark)

Pat H.           (Noah's Ark)

   Otto D.   (Superstition Mountain)  

         Joe D.     (Batter Batter)

Glen P.      (Superstition Mountain)

Diana C.
(Portland Head Light House)

            A. DiCarlo      (Willie)

              Bill M. (Sail Away)

Jim K. (Stork)

Michael C. (Morning Sun)

   Serge L. (Superstition Mountain)

                 Roger H. (Owl)

Terry D. (Superstition Mountain)

Paul M. (African Adventure)

         Gene S. (Hobo Clown)

              Anthony T. (Tiger)

Kris F. (Sand Castles)

Otto D. (Opossum)

   Otto D. (Toucan & Loon)

    Matthew S. "Alligator Dreams"

Matthew S. "Eagle Landing"

Otto D. (Raccoon) modified

                 Dave K. (Willie)

           Tom K. (Hay Barn)

  Chuck C. (Superstition Mountain)

Frank P. (Covered Bridge)

             Jim M. (Corner Cats)

         Larry C. (Big Foot Clown) 
             Larry C. (Hobo Clown)

                      Mark R. (Cowboy)

                Jim M. (Corner Cats)

            Robert P. (Cowboy)
         Ron O. (Oh Hoot West)
               Bill B. (Morning Sun)
                         Otto D. (Puffins)
         Clint S. (Hidden Forest)
            Jim M. (Schnauzer)
              Chris P. (Grizzly Growl)

                       Chris P. (Lion)

      Matthew S. (Hidden Forest)

Brenda B. (Chameleon)

               Matt C. (Life's Journey)
                  Roger H. (Hay Barn)
         Rick L. (Basset Pup)
           Rick L. (Great Dane)
     Roger H. (Bag Lady & Hobo Clown)
                Geoff T. (Amish Children)
       Geoff T. (Life's Journey)
         Geoff T. (Amish Buggy)
 Matthew C. (Cowboy)
Matthew C. (Moose)

Carl W. (Crappie Fishing)

Carl W. (Crescent Moon)


Carl W. (Giraffes)

 Cora E. (Lunar Module)

Cora E. (Lunar Module)
Darren L. (Superstition Mountain)
Dexil R. (Lunar Mod. Astronaut. Flag)
George M. (Reef Fish)
George M. (Sea Turtle)
John K. (Antique Plane)
Pat R. (Grizzly Growl)
Pat R. (Grey Wolf)
Patrick R. (Native American Chief)
Paul H. (Ballerina)
Robert J. (Dolphins)
Tom K. (Full Sail)
Vickie S. (Nurse Bear)
Don R.