+Pegas MGT Gross


Universal sizes from #2/0 to # 9 Plain End

Many of our customers requested the Pegas Modified Geometry Teeth (MGT) blades. The specific tooth design makes this blade extremely efficient; tolerates aggressive  feed rates, avoids overheating, leaves a smooth finish, no splinters. The Pegas MGT Scroll Saw Blades are manufactured in Switzerland from high quality carbon steel. Blades are 5" plain end blades (no pins). Comes in two quantities: Dozen - 12 Blades,  Gross - 144 Blades.

The small #2/0 works great for separating Intarsia sections cut within the same part. You loose less wood with the smaller blades, the kerf (thickness) of the blade indicates how much wood is removed by the scroll saw blade. We used the #3 for most of 3/4" thick wood we tested.  You can mix and match with our Platinum, Platinum Plus, and Titanium blades, get 12 dozens for $3.00 each. 
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Listen to the sounds of scroll saw blade from too loose, just right, way too tight. It's very helpful to learn the sound of a properly tensioned scroll saw blade. Music for scrollers!


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