2020 Beginner Class Deposit

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Beginner Trigger Fish$545.00 Total Class Fee  •  $345.00 Balance due two weeks prior to class.

Beginner Class Dates: May 12th-May 15th, May 19th-May 22nd & Sept. 29th-2nd, 2020 
The class is three and a half days. Tuesday from 1:00pm - 4:30pm. Wednesday through Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm.

We serve lunch Wednesday through Friday. All the wood, patterns, and supplies are provided. All you will need to do is show up! 
This class will cover basic skills required to get you started on the right foot with Intarsia.  We thoroughly explain each step from choosing scroll saw blades to applying the finish. Each step is demonstrated with time for questions ensuring everyone understands the process. All wood, patterns, and supplies are provided.
We have three instructors for the beginner classes. Having one instructor for three students is a great ratio, we can answer all the questions that arise.

Time to get familiar with the scroll saw. Scroll sawing for Intarsia is different than cutting fretwork or shapes. Pieces need to be cut square on the side otherwise they will not fit, inlay, properly. You will learn the skills needed to help achieve better fitting projects and general information about scroll saw blades as well as which blade works best for different species of wood.
We discuss the importance of using dry lumber, wood selection and working with a pattern. Judy will share her ideas on wood selection, learning to use the grain to enhance your intarsia pieces.
Wednesday - Begin scroll sawing your Intarsia project.  
Thursday - Begin sanding and shaping the project. Judy will sand a section of the project, then you will go to your work station and sand the same section. Judy will walk around to answer questions and make suggestions. By the end of day the project will be roughed in and Judy will go over the next step of adding detail.
Friday - will be a little more relaxed, you will start adding detail to the project. After detailing the intarsia piece you will cut out a backing. You will not apply a finish to the project you are working on. Instead we will continue the process with the piece Judy is working on. You will help apply the finish to the parts. Then Judy will cover her techniques for gluing the project to the backing. This is a part many people have trouble with.
The Beginner class is a great way to build a strong Intarsia foundation.

Beginner Intarsia ClassBeginner Intarsia Class
REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY To be eligible for any returned money, you must notify us as soon as possible. There will be an automatic $50 cancellation fee for any canceled registration, regardless of the date of withdrawal. If you withdraw from a class more than 60 days in advance, the school will refund the deposit on the class, less the $50 cancellation fee (refund of $150.00). If you withdraw 30 to 59 days before the class, the school will refund only 50% of the deposit on the class, less the $50 cancellation fee (refund of $50.00). If you withdraw within 29 days of the class, there will be NO REFUND ON ALL PAID MONEY FOR ANY REASON. If you cancel a class and are eligible for a refund, the available refundable money can be applied to another class in the same year (less the $50 cancellation fee). You cannot transfer money to another class in the next year’s schedule. If for any reason Roberts Studio must cancel a class, all money will be refunded.

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