intarsia: 1) a mosaic of wood fitted and glued into a wooden support popular in 15th century Italy for decoration 2) Judy Gale Roberts

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Check out our newest Intarsia patterns. Designed from scratch after researching the subject and revising the design. Judy makes each Intarsia piece to confirm the pattern works.

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Some help and how-to posts to help you out. Good for beginners, intermediates and advanced level Intarsia students.

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  • Eclipse Scroll Saw

    If you have an Eclipse Scroll Saw  Please join the Eclipse Scroll Saw Forum There are many of us that own one of these wonderful saws, this page will be a resource for information and feedback from other Eclipse owners. There are a few pdf’s below, there are more on the Eclipse Scroll Saw […]

  • Experimenting with Different Finishes

    If you would like to share your experiences with finishing for others to see. Leave a comment. I picked up a can of General Finishes “High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Top Coat”  Satin sheen. I experimented with it on the aspen for the puffins. It did require sanding between coats which is a pain. However, it […]

  • What’s New

    While doing a show in Iowa last year we met Bud & Brad Langhoff from “Langhoff’s Fine Wood”. Having his own sawmill, he has a huge variety of lumber. The boards pictured below are just a few that I purchased. They’re contemplating shipping wood, their phone is 319-377-2053. If you would like to take a trip to Marion Iowa, I’ve heard […]