Wonder Wheel

The Wonder wheel works best on a bench grinder that goes at least 3450 rpm

The Wonder Wheel can be used to add texture to all Intarsia projects. This is a great tool that will make your Intarsia projects stand out. The wheel can be used to burnish and darken dowels used for eyes on Intarsia projects. Use a wheel dresser or get some very coarse (like 36 grit) sandpaper and staple it to a flat piece of wood to sharpen the wheel. Do not use a file I ruined a very good file. 
How to sharpen the Wonder Wheel        Using the Wonder Wheel

Using the Wonder Wheel

Telescope Reducer Bushing
These reduce to 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4". 
$3.00 Select the bushing above. The wonder wheel is 6" in diameter x 1/2" wide with a 1" mounting hole. You will need a reducer bushing to reduce the 1" down to the size needed to mount it on a bench grinder.  Max R.P.M. is 4,500. 

The wheel arrives with a flat 1/2" edge. Use a Wheel Dresser or some very coarse (like 36 grit)sandpaper stapled to a flat piece of wood to sharpen the wheel (do not use a file, I ruined a very good file).

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