Platinum Plus Blades Dozen

Buy 12+ Dozen For Only $2.92 ea. - Mix and Match Platinum, Platinum Plus, Titanium Reverse, & Titanium

Platinum Plus blades are premium, precision milled for outstanding performance and durability. These blades work well for medium to hard woods. The Platinum Plus is a to quality; high-speed skip tooth blade, every 3rd tooth is reversed to prevent wood splintering on the underside and has a very clean cut. The tooth configuration of the Platinum Plus allows for more control going thru curves, tight cornering with ease and accurate quick turns for Intarsia sawing.
Blades are 5" plain end blades (no pins). Comes in two quantities: Dozen - 12 Blades,  Gross - 144 Blades.  Ready to pluck your scroll saw blade? Listen to the sounds of scroll saw blade from too loose, just right, way too tight. It's very helpful to learn the sound of a properly tensioned scroll saw blade. Music for scrollers!  

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