What Is Intarsia


1) a mosaic of wood fitted and glued into a wooden support popular in 15th century Italy for decoration

2) the art or process of making such work

Intarsia’s rebirth is a direct result of Judy and Jerry’s efforts to keep this technique alive. The demand for her designs gradually prompted her to refocus on the drawing board, a move that, with the help of Jerry, produced several intarsia videos and five instructional intarsia books. In less than a decade, Judy Gale Roberts has become synonymous with intarsia.

During its zenith, Intarsia was applied to nearly any surface imaginable — walls, ceilings and floors, furniture and jewelry boxes, even carriages for royalty. As Europe moved into the industrial age this art gradually began to fade.

Today, there is an international rebirth of Intarsia gaining momentum. Judy is largely responsible for bringing this wonderful art back into the arena of public awareness. The superb design and quality execution of her work is attracting much deserved attention and it seems there are few who can resist modern Intarsia. Her intarsia patterns reflect the knowledge that 35 years of experience can produce.