Meet the Staff


Rocky – The official front porch greeter and lap warmer.

Peanut - Meets and greets people inside the studio, she keeps the floors free of cookie crumbs.

Buddy – Yard security and squirrel patrol.

Jiminy – Hangs out in Judy’s office. His job is to make loud funny sounds while she is talking on the phone.

Judy Gale Roberts – Intarsia artist, pattern designer and president.

Marianne – She is the staff scroller,  answers technicial questions and  has been scroll sawing for over 15  years. She helps with classes and  teaches the sroll sawing portion of the beginner class.

Stacy – Takes care of the front office, processes all orders and keeps  the whole place running smoothly.  Peanut – takes care of customer  service and has 14years of experience.

Stephen Catlett is our off site event planner. If you are interested in seminars or classes for your woodworking club, he is the man to talk to.

Woody, pictured below, is our newest member! So far his job has been to motivate Rocky, Buddy, and Peanut to have a more active lifestyle.